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Our Leadership


Nubia and Jeremy lead the operations of CTR, and manage a portfolio for several leaders in the Investment and Property Management industry. Both come from construction backgrounds and possess exceptional leadership, project management skills and strong knowledge with budgets.

Jeremy Phillips, Owner, has been in the industry for over 10+ years. He comes from all aspects of construction and building maintenance. He began his career in Property Management and developed a strong skill set on the constructive end of things. Later was a top performing Project Manager for a nationwide firm, before starting CTR. He is an Avid community leader and spends countless hours as President of a Non Profit in Mesquite, Texas (4 years as President) He has strong leadership and core logic to identify a solution for almost any problem. This mindset has allowed CTR to grow over 200% in volume from Nov 17- June 18. We have the ability to lead, and exceed any project goals set forth. 


               Meet our Team

 Our team at CTR is absolutely the BEST at their job. We are firm believers that, no matter how great you are, you cant do it alone. You have to have great people who care, in order to execute and cultivate a culture who truly cares about the quality of work performed. 

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